If you or your loved one is affected by mobility issues, we want you to know that this doesn't automatically mean that your bathing independence is gone. We here at Bath Planet can help. We have made it our life's work help those with mobility issues regain or hold onto their bathing independence. Mobility issues are not something we take lightly. We understand that bathrooms are a dangerous place for anybody. In fact, bathrooms are the number one room in the house where accidents take place. Mobility issues are made worse in a bathroom setting because bathrooms can be slippery and foggy. Let's take the bathtub for instance. To step into a bathtub safely you have balance on one foot just to get in and out. This is difficult to those who suffer from mobility issues. Here at Bath Planet, we have your solution that will give you back your bathing independence, safely and affordably. From walk in tubs, step in tubs, tub to shower conversions to our stylish and complete Handicap Accessible Bathroom. We will help you regain your bathing and bathroom independence. Plus, we will help you stay in the comforts of your homes.

Here at Bath Planet, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We've earned our good name because we treat our homeowners like we would treat our very own family members. We also only put our name on the highest quality products and we offer fair and honest pricing.

If you are growing more and more concerned about your current state of heath combined with your current bathroom situation, we have your solution. Our Handicap Accessible Bathroom will change your life. Many of our satisfied customers have written in to tell us, our Handicap Accessible Bathroom gave them back their lives. Within a month of life with their new bathroom, they were able to show their family members that they could safely handle all of their bathing and hygiene needs on their own. No more talk of selling their homes and moving to a nursing home or assisted living center. They tell us, they got their lives back! Give us as little as one to update your bathroom so you can be on the road to bath mobility. Here at Bath Planet, we believe in our products so much that we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. That's the Bath Planet difference that you deserve!