Back in the seventies and eighties, many homeowners had gross, ugly and extremely dated bathrooms. Usually, the bulk of their homes were remodeled and decorated nicely. The bathrooms were untouched. Outdated, ugly, moldy and as if time stood still. The thinking years ago is that bathroom remodeling was terribly expensive and extremely time consuming. It was. The good news is that bathroom remodeling has definitely improved! Here at Bath Planet, we specialize in bathroom remodeling and we've been told that we do it better than anyone else! We have worked HARD to earn our reputation as a company that rules the bathroom remodeling industry! We’ve earned our good name by only putting the Bath Planet name on the very best products.

There are many things that sets Bath Planet apart from all the other companies out there. One aspect that has made us a strong leader is that we are KING at identifying the problem and correcting it. Some companies will come in and shake their heads and tell you that your only option is to bulldoze your bathroom and start over! This is not how we operate here at Bath Planet. Our team of talented designers and contractors work together to ID your problem and then give you one or two options to fix the problem. Don’t fall for these companies that tell you your bathroom is a lost cause and that everything needs to go! Choosing Bath Planet will ensure that you get the most gorgeous and stylish bathroom and that the work is convenient and affordable. In fact, we can transform most bathrooms in a day or two!

Aside from immensely enjoying your new bathroom, you will LOVE the fact that improving your bathroom is a rock, solid investment. Experts say improving space “where the water is” (kitchens and bathrooms) is a very smart investment that will bring you a large return on your investment.

Bath Planet offers the highest quality products, from walk-in tubs, tub-to-shower conversions, shower and tub wall surrounds, etc. We are KING at transforming your bathroom from ugly and dated to gorgeous and relaxing! Conveniently & affordably. That’s the Bath Planet difference!