One of the hardest things in life is dealing with the aging process and the mobility issues that tend to go along with it. Many people and their loved ones think that as soon as you start to have difficulty doing the things you once took for granted it’s immediately time to start shopping for nursing homes. We here at Bath Planet want you to know and fully understand that this is NOT your ONLY option.

Mobility issues are wide ranging and can cause you to suffer from difficulty on your feet, balance and vision problems. These are typically the most common. Many times, if a person is suffering from mobility issues they tend to have a hard time in the bathroom. Many accidents involving people with mobility issues take place in the bathroom because its foggy and slippery and when vision and balance are compromised this is a very dangerous combination.

Here at Bath Planet, we have made it our life's work to help those with mobility issues hold onto their bathing independence. Mobility issues should not be the only reason why you are forced into a nursing home. We have helped hundreds of homeowners hold on to their bathing independence while staying in their comfortable homes. Our step-in tub is the answer for you and your family! Our step-in tub is made from the highest quality materials and will help you safely regain your bathing independence. Our step-in tub is the perfect bathtub for elderly, mobility challenged or those who are suffering from disabilities. It allows you to safely step in without having to balance on one foot like a traditional tub. Our low threshold makes it very easy to open the door and step in and relax. On your own, safely and independently. Our dual massage system surrounds your body with the penetrating deep muscle massage of a water hydrotherapy bath. Instantly you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

No one wants to ask for help just to take a bath. It’s embarrassing, not to mention inconvenient! Here at Bath Planet, we believe in our product so much we offer a product warranty that covers our bath products for as long as you own your home. Plus, you can feel confident because Bath Planet has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. High quality products, honest pricing and the best installers in the industry. That’s the Bath Planet difference!