Mobility issues are serious and must be dealt with immediately in order to avoid serious injury. Mobility issues can include difficulty on your feet, balance and vision problems to name a few. Accidents, two-thirds of which are falls, are the fifth largest cause of death in the elderly. Research shows that bathrooms are typically where MOST accidents occur. When it comes to bathing, mobility issues can really make this once simple task, a painful struggle. Many people have a hard time getting in and out of a traditional bathtub. While some people struggle with limited vision, others have a hard time balancing on one foot. Years ago, mobility issues meant that taking a bath on your own was out of the question. This meant that either a caregiver had to be hired or it was time to sell the house and move to a nursing home. The good news is that this isn’t the case anymore. Here at Bath Planet, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We are experts at giving you back your bathing independence, safely and affordably. We have made it our mission to give those with mobility issues back their bathing independence. Safely and affordably.

Our step-in tub is the answer you've been waiting for. Our high quality product will help you eliminate fear and regain your bathing independence. Our step-in tub is the perfect bathtub for elderly, mobility challenged or disabled. You no longer have to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With our low threshold step-in-tub, all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. Our dual massage system surrounds your body with the penetrating deep muscle massage of a water hydrotherapy bath while easing away your worries.

Many of our satisfied customers tell us that our step-in-tub changed their lives. It offers easy entrance, comfortable seating, easy-to-reach faucets and convenient grab bars. Our tubs are made from and extremely strong acrylic, making them extremely resilient and durable. Ensuring that your bathroom is comfortable, safe and adapts to your needs as you grow older is easy with our life changing product. Just because you have mobility issues doesn’t mean you have to give up your relaxing baths! Not anymore, thanks to Bath Planet.