If you've got the bug to redecorate your home but are scared and intimidated you wont love the finished product, you should start with the bathroom. Bathrooms are the one space in your home where you can get away with inserting your personality and individual style. Keep it tasteful and you will end up with a space you love and appreciate. If you ever go to sell, as long as it looks high end and classy it should appeal to the masses.

Here are a few bathroom remodeling ideas from top designers. They are definitely brave but oh so gorgeous. *Use loud geometric in a bright ocean blue to give your boring space a slightly over-the-top, but I want to spend more time in here feeling.

*Go dark. Paint the walls a chocolaty color. Couple this with a brilliant white recycled tub, curtains in white sheer. Add a  crystal light fixture for some old-school glamour, that never goes out of style.

*Go blue. All shades are welcome. Create an idyllic bath by choosing a blue palette but don’t limit yourself to one shade. Think blue polished Venetian plaster walls to blue floor tiles. Blue ceiling. You get the point, just remember to mix up the shades.

*Go bright. Bathrooms are the one room where you can go bright and daring and not be punished. Love red? Do it. Choose a bright wallpaper in a busy red pattern but keep everything else solid and simple.

*Want a more manly and urban theme? Choose lanterns for your lighting and go grey. Several shades from light to dark will give you a industrial look that men and women will love. Mix up paint and wallpaper in the grey color scheme for added depth and dimension.

Now that you have five foolproof bathroom remodeling ideas, you need to make one of them a reality. You will not only love your new high design bathroom, you will be making a super smart investment.  A bath remodel will get you a huge ROI, (return on investment)? Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report indicates if you invest in a bath remodel,  you can expect a huge, ROI.  In fact, The national return rate is 88 percent!

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