Growing older is never an easy process. I'm not just talking about getting wrinkles but the physical toll it takes on our bodies. Mobility issues usually include a difficulty balancing which makes it difficult to get in and out of a traditional bathtub. Especially without the help of a caregiver. I have never met anyone who wants to ask for help just to take a bath.  Years ago, any type of mobility issue meant that either you had to hire a caregiver or move to a nursing home. This is how it used to be years ago. Bath Planet changed all that. Just because you or a loved one has trouble getting in and out of a traditional bathtub, doesn’t mean your independent bathing days are over!  Our goal here at Bath Planet is to give you or your loved one back their bathing independence with dignity.

My friend's mother, Judy suffers from mobility issues. She just started experiencing them a few months ago after having a pretty bad fall. Judy's daughter Shelli, spent weeks looking at nursing homes throughout OKC where Judy lives.  After weeks of touring nursing homes, daughter Shelli, heard about a Bath Planet walk-in tub.  Our high quality walk-in-tub makes bathing more relaxing than ever. Forget about trying to keep your balance while stepping into a traditional tub. With our low threshold product all you need to do is open the tub door and relax. No more balancing on one foot, and no more talk of a nursing home.

Bath Planet® Walk-In Bathtub Features Include: *Hand held shower provides convenient rinse *360 degree water massage jets for maximum control and comfort *Air jets provide a relaxing, spa like experience ADA compliant seat makes getting up or  down easy *Patented no-leak door system provides safe, easy access

Many homeowners worry that their bathrooms are going to be ripped apart for weeks on end. Not the case. We can install any of our handicapped accessible products in as little as one day. One aspect that sets us apart is that our product is made with the thickest acrylic you will find and is the highest quality on the market. We believe in it so much we stand behind it with a lifetime warranty.

Our homeowners tells us we not only gave them back their bathing independence, we kept them safely in the comforts of their homes. I am happy to tell you that Judy, is one of our happiest homeowners. She loves being able to take her relaxing baths without waiting on someone to help her. Plus, she is thrilled to be in the home she's lived in for 43 years!