Many families are faced with the challenge of having a loved one who suffers from mobility issues. Getting older is not just about extra wrinkles and not having the kind of energy you once had. The changes that occur with aging can lead to problems with a person's ability to move around, or balance.  Mobility issues vary drastically but include, unsteadiness while walking, difficulty getting in and out of a chair, bathtub, or repeated falls. When a person starts to experience mobility issues, two major life changes usually follow. No more driving and  no more bathing on your own. Not anymore, thanks Bath Planet. One bathroom at a time,  we are giving homeowners back their bathing independence.

The reason bathing or showing on your own is a problem is because bathrooms are slippery and foggy. This is dangerous because It's very difficult for people with mobility problems to balance on one foot to get in and out of a traditional tub. The answer is a handicap accessible bathroom from Bath Planet. We offer the highest quality products at fair and affordable prices.  We can convert your space into a handicap accessible bathroom easily and affordable with our extensive line of safe, dependable products. Whether you need a walk-in tub, tub-to-shower conversion, step-through inserts, or barrier-free shower base, we've got you covered. All of our products are the highest quality acrylic in the industry!

We know, functionality is important, but so is how it looks. Just because you have mobility issues doesn't mean you are ok , with ending up with a "hospital" looking bathroom.  Here at Bath Planet, we are proud to give our homeowners a handicap accessible bathroom that is also a spa like retreat.  We can help you make your bathroom safer, more comfortable, and gorgeous at the same time.  We strive for you and your loved ones to remain independent, safe and pampered at an affordable price.  Bath Planet will not only give you back your bathing independence, we will give you a gorgeous, safe, showstopper bathroom, you will want to show off to your friends!