It’s a fact that homeowners are staying in their current homes longer than ever before. The current state of our economy is a major reason. Today’s current real estate market is made up of stiff competition of available homes and falling prices. This makes it hard to get top dollar for your home, especially if there are areas of your home that need a facelift.

Local realtors say , old and moldy bathrooms turn potential buyers off more than any other area of your house. So if you want to get top dollar you need to make sure your bathrooms are sparkling. Realtors say, now is a good time to consider investing a few dollars in your home to make it more competitive in the housing market if you choose to sell.

Right now, research shows that there are two areas that offer the most ROI (return on investment) in regards to home remodeling. Your kitchen and bathrooms. Both areas draw higher returns for very logical reasons, they get used the most. The reason most homeowners cringe at the thought of bathroom remodeling is that they think it’s going to cost a fortune and take weeks to finish. Not to mention the messy demolition process.

So, if the idea of a complete bathroom remodeling project doesn’t suit you, don’t do it. You can still get the bathroom of your dreams with a Bath Planet Bath System. Our tub, shower and wall systems are made with the strongest acrylic possible, and most can be installed in as little as just one day! They are mold resistant and easy to clean. This provides you with a cost effective and long-term solution that gives the look of ceramic tile and granite, without the grout, mess and maintenance. Plus, you'll get this high quality at a fraction of the price.