Organizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. You wouldn’t know that though, based on the fact that bathrooms tend to be one of the most cluttered rooms in a house.

Here are a few tips to reclaim your bathroom and make it the most organized room in your house.
  • Streamline your medicine cabinet: This means outdated medicines are chucked.
  • Control hair product clutter: Gels, sprays, curlers, combs and hair dryers take up a lot of space in the bathroom. For quick organization, buy a plastic tub for under the sink and load it up with your supplies.
  • Organize your towel rack: If your towel rack isn't big enough to hang the family's towels, add hooks to the bathroom. Towel hooks are inexpensive, easy to mount and create a space for each member of the family to hang their towel.
  • Shower caddies: If you don’t have room for all of your shower items in your shower caddy or on a shelf, you have too many. Place the excess under your bathroom sink, and only put them out when you need them. This will instantly give you a sense of organization.
  • Use all of your space: Even in small bathrooms there's space for organization; you just have to know where to look. Over the toilet bath furniture is a great place to put extra toilet paper, toiletries and even towels.