Many homeowners throw in the towel when it comes to small bathrooms. The thinking is that it’s already small, there is no possible way it can be fabulous. Not true. If you have a tiny bathroom, you just need to get creative when it comes to decorating.

There’s a lot you can do to make a small bathroom look larger with the right colors and materials. The advantage of this approach is lower cost than a full-scale remodeling. The first rule of thumb to make a small space look larger is to use light surface colors. So your dark plastic wall tiles have got to go! You’ll probably want to replace them with light-colored ceramic tiles. Busy mosaic floor tiles don’t help either, so It’s probably a good idea to use either large ceramic tiles or resilient flooring. Then brighten the room with a white semi-gloss paint.

If you’re able to spend a little more, replace dark-color fixtures with white, and if you have a big, blocky vanity replace it with a pedestal sink. If you follow these tips, you will soon love your small, but very cute and functional bathroom!