If you want to spruce up your old, drab bathroom without breaking the bank, we’ve got some great, inexpensive ideas for you.

Designers recommend buying an extra matching shower curtain and making a simple valance out of it.

If you want something even simpler than a shade or valance, papering your windows is also an inexpensive option. Another product, called Gallery Glass lets you make a window pattern that mimics stained glass with a self-adhesive. It looks similar to a real stained glass window at a fraction of the price.

If you're on a tight budget, but want something with a cottage feel, what about putting hinges on beautiful picture frames (or building your own frames) and using a staple gun to attach lace or a synthetic fabric to them. Voila, you've got shutters.

Rolling, simple white towels in a basket, will help you achieve a spa like feeling. Delicate soaps, arranged in a pretty soap dish can also help you dress up your bathroom. Add a new shower curtain, rugs and fresh paint, and you’ve transformed your old, grungy bathroom!

All of these ideas are easy, inexpensive ways to add some designer touches to your bathroom. Soon, you’ll love the feel of your space, and will never want to leave!