Old bathrooms don’t have to equal ugly. Home stagers and decorators say you need to lay up its vintage look by bringing in antiques or collectibles or that same generation. Select wall coverings and fabrics appropriate to the room's age. Flea markets are a great place to find treasures of this kind.

Though large windows are sometimes viewed as a problem area in big, old bathrooms, they can actually be a blessing. Dress the windows with an appropriately elaborate hand. Fabrics or sheets that coordinate with the wall covering are a good solution. Use the same material on shower curtains.

Consider skirting an old-fashioned sink. Hide the ugly. For a whimsical-looking bath, try painting a mural on one or more walls. Most outdated bathrooms suffer from lack of storage space, poor lighting, difficult-to-clean surfaces or worn walls and floors. To add storage, shelves above the toilet are a quick, easy and inexpensive solution.

To improve lighting, rack lighting is a quick and inexpensive way to add light. Be sure not to place the light directly overhead or behind your head when standing at the mirror. This will cast ugly shadows. Attaching period fixtures to the wall flanking the mirror adds charm. Use the maximum wattage on the lamps that the manufacturer allows. All of these tips will add to the charm of your old, vintage bath, without breaking the bank!