Redecorating a small bathroom is a common design problem, many of us have. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to settles with a teeny tiny, cluttered bathroom. Local designers say there are many ways to give a bathroom a facelift. You can make it visually larger by decorating

with light colors. Large prints and bold stripes tend to overpower a small room. Stick to small prints whether you are painting or wallpapering. Limit your accessories. Less is more.

Try to create a sense of continuity. Bathrooms are chopped up enough by fixtures, so paint and wallpaper walls and ceiling the same color. When choosing a wallpaper make sure it is a good vinyl, that isn't pre-pasted. Wallpaper paste is

water based and if the shower isn't ventilated properly, the vapor may cause the wallpaper to lift from the wall.

Shower curtains can also make a room visually larger. Choose a clear shower curtain with a solid color fabric curtain. And mirrors are another good trick to visually expand your space. A long mirror with plenty of lights increases the visual space. All of these tips won’t break the bank and will make your bathroom appear larger.