Any realtor will tell you that homebuyers love a remodeled bathroom. Experts say if you are going to remodel, the rooms that you will get the biggest return on your investment is any room with water. That means kitchens and bathrooms.

Now, let’s talk about bathroom trends. The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple enough, bigger and better. Bathroom remodels remain one of the most common home improvement projects, and there's no end in sight. These remodels can include knocking out walls to create more space. Bathroom design is about maximizing the use of that space.  Today's bathrooms are no longer utilitarian, but a showroom of their own.

Bathroom sinks continue to be an accessory that keeps getting updated. The vessel sink can trace its popularity into the residential bathroom from restaurants. The vessel sink sits above the bathroom countertop, can be made from almost any material, and offers unique decorating possibilities.

Electronic faucets are also making their way into the residential bathrooms. Almost everybody has seen and used one of these. For cleanliness, convenience, and efficient water usage, the electronic faucet is becoming the faucet of choice. These advantages make the faucet more than just a fad; it has definitive, practical benefits, including preventing the spread of germs.