Keeping your bathroom clean in summer isn't easy. With the higher humidity, mildew seems to grew in your shower as fast as weeds in your garden. Mirrors become gunky in a matter of days and toilets can get funky in less than a week. To help free up your time for better things, here are a few summer stay-clean bathroom tips for getting the job done quick and easy.

There are now several products that are “automatic shower cleaners.“ You simply spray on all your shower surfaces and leave on for five to ten minutes. The cleaner will slowly drip down the wall of your shower, but you can wash it clean with water. This summer stay-clean bathroom tip will keep your shower looking clean without scrubbing or hard work on your part.

Another great product is the Fresh Brush 2 in 1. It was invented to make toilet cleaning easy and lasting. You'll need to invest in a Starter Kit, which includes a handle, storage hook and two Max pads which clean even tough stains like hard water, lime scale and rust.

In our warm bathrooms, bacteria have a field day. Make sure you find a great disinfectant and spray everything. Disinfect your shower head, toilet bowl and tank, sink, bathtubs and trash cans. Don’t just stop in the bathroom, disinfect everything. This will keep your house smelling great and will keep you and your family from getting sick.