Local realtors say if you’re going to remodel, put your money where the water is. That means kitchens and bathrooms. You’ll get the largest ROI, or return on investment than any other rooms in your house.

Sometimes the theme of the bathroom might also depend on what kind of colors you would like to have. Did you want the bathroom to look bright or would you rather the bathroom look more neutral? Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to send you to the poor house.

Consider the following ideas for low-cost do it yourself bathroom renovations:
  • Install a new shower curtain – mold and mildew resistant vinyl shower curtains are available in countless styles; with infinite color schemes and patterns. Whether a vinyl or fabric shower curtain, a dramatic visual change can be achieved for under $50.
  • A decorative shower curtain rod and designer shower curtain with color-coordinated towels combined with strategically placed steam-loving houseplants; to make your bathroom feel like a lush indoor garden. And all for under $100!
  • Fresh paint can help bring the bathroom interior design together, without significantly adding to the cost. For an additional $50 - $100, carefully selected colors can be used to establish a base for your bathroom design idea. Don't be shy about adding color, have fun with it!