Bathrooms can definitely make or break a deal. If your trying to sell your home in this market, you need to have a nice bathroom. If not, potential home buyers will move on to the next house. It’s that simple.

This is the one room where you get to totally relax and pamper yourself. The bathroom you choose can have a major effect on just how enjoyable the time you spend in it truly is. It is very rare that we get time to ourselves anymore, totally free of distractions, and the indulgence one can allow themselves at such times is what makes having a great bathroom so important.

If you’re thinking about remodeling or just simply improving your existing bathroom, lighting is key. Do you have sufficient lighting designed for your bathroom? Natural light is an important thing in bathrooms. A window, a wall or roof skylight will bring in natural light, a view or a dramatic skyscape.

Another important element to consider is ventilation. If you live in different types of weather conditions like mild to harsh, you should install an exhaust fan in bathroom. Bathrooms produce humidity and moisture that can break in ceilings, floors and countertops. Ventilate odors and humidity from your bathroom by installing a powerful ventilator or exhaust fan large enough to do the job perfectly.

Experts say, you may not need to completely gut your existing bathroom. Just determine what needs to be improved on, and do it. The rest can usually be fixed with some paint and accessories.